Saturday 10 September 2011

Moving Blogs to Blogger

After much foot dragging and fiddling around, I have finally started moving blogs off of Wordpress on Alia and over to Blogger.

I have started by moving my own blog using Wordpress2Blogger. This pulled the whole message archive, the comments, tags, and pages over including preserving published vs. draft states. This makes the third full migration and fourth platform for my blog so this content has come from fingering (.plan), to a custom PHP blog I wrote the software for myself, to Wordpress, and now to Blogger. And other than some of the initial .plan posts which were never archived, I've managed to keep the entire archive from 2003.

The biggest amount of effort in moving from WP to Blogger is setting up the site layout. Keeping lists of links and pages is pretty much manual but as Blogger has widgets for these, its not particularly onerous. And switching DNS. From what I can tell, the links are all being preserved at least on my own blog so it should be just a matter of waiting.

Once my blog is moved over, I'll move the main Nibble blog and if that works fine, I'll encourage the couple other bits here to move their blogs as well which will get me closer to offloading the last of the applications running on Alia.