Nibble Approved Software

Want to see some software get Nibble certified? Make it suck less!
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Virtualization: VirtualBox
    • If you're looking for a light-duty secondary desktop OS or a test server environment, look no further. It's free, and it "just works".
  • Files and sharing: Windows Offline Files, AllWay Sync, OwnCloud
    • Windows Offline Files is a handy way to keep a copy of files from a file share like on a laptop when away from the network. Though only really works on relatively small folders and files, it is a good (enough) out-of-the-box.
    • AllWay Sync is a very feature-rich tool for file and folder synchronization once Windows Offline Files can't cut the mustard.
    • OwnCloud for when you don't want to use The Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, whatever) can be installed on any computer as the "server" and port-forward for HTTPS and everything gets tunneld through that.
  • Windows Software Management: Ninite
    • Gives you light-weight installers for a wide range of common tools, does the install skipping ad-ware, and also works to update the application(s) if installed already.
    • Ninite Bundle of useful Utilities
      • Chrome and FireFox browsers
      • KeePass password manager
      • WinDirStat for disk usage charts
      • 7-Zip compression utility
      • Paint.Net because MS Paint could really use just a few more features to be good
      • Foxit Reader PDF viewer, also has a PDF printer
      • FileZilla for File Transfers 
    • There's lots of useful utilities on the Ninite site like WinSCP, Revo, PuTTY, etc etc so hit Ninite first if you need a utility for "something"
  • Other Utilities
    • LibreOffice for F/OSS Office suite
    • VLC, HandBrake, and Audacity for multi-media tools
    • Synergy for Keyboard and Mouse sharing across compters and across platforms
    • Vim The Linux command-line editor

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