Sunday, 30 May 2010

Surf's Up!

Google Wave is available now for Apps and so we now have access to Wave for The Nibble:

It's a handy web-based collaboration app. Basically a glorified white-board in which multiple users can simultaneously collaborate over the Internet. With Wave you can drop-in gadgets to add more features from simple yes/no/maybe polls to mind maps and multi-media.

Enjoy :)
- Arch

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  1. Just to put up my comment on trying this out briefly. It's super easy to start using, but I found it was a little quirky. So great for brainstorming with some access to more advanced tools like multi-media or concept mapping, but feels a little rough for anything too sophisticated. Maybe it takes a little getting used to or maybe it needs some patching or maybe it's just a limitation of the platform.

    For example, there's a gadget for free-hand drawing. Well, like drawing in Paint with only the basic brush, it's pretty hard to make something look good when you're using a mouse. You can draw something as a quick sketch between colleagues as long as it's pretty simple, but I wouldn't be printing the results off to show to the board of directors.

    - Arch