Wednesday, 13 December 2006


IIRC, the templates for Wordpress are reasonably easy to edit from within the site. There's also some settings we need to change to allow posting/commenting directly without admin intervention, but I'm quite sure it can be done.

And we need to setup/fix group permissions so we can all upload new themes and plugins.


  1. It's supposed to let you post once you've got at least one approved post. At least that's my guess based on the "discussion" settings when logged in as an admin.

    By the way, people should elevate their accounts to some level like "editor".

  2. P.S. I can now confirm that once you've had one post approved, then future posts do not need approval.

  3. When you manage pages/templates/whatever, you get the actual PHP source in a text box that you can fill out. Ooo, fancy ;)