Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Welcome to the Nibble Blogs!

At the moment, we have a shared "admin" account. Let's explore some of the features of the blog! Supposedly, many users can be created so they can have blogs.


  1. Blog posts can be "saved" at which point they are only a draft and then they can be published. It seems there may be some sort of moderation queue.

  2. I'm not sure about that - I think it's just like email drafts; you can save as a draft, logout, then come back and post it later.

  3. Well its about damn time the nibble moved into the 20th century - now, about the 21st....

    Anyone got a favicon.ico to use?

  4. So it looks like this "blog" is just one blog and anyone with editor access or whatever can post to it. Right? It's not like we've got a blog per-person going on here or nothing.

    From what I can tell, the blogs are per-host. So blog.nibble.bz is one blog. We can create like "excessory.nibble.bz" and "dante.nibble.bz", etc so we'd have personal blogs and then we would have to install some sort of plugin to aggregate the blogs here. See, then what we're looking at/for is some sort of Planet...

  5. Plus... Give the enormous amount of plugins, my guess is this is configurable for pretty much anything we need.

  6. Well we do have categories... what exactly were you looking for?

    With this setup we can all blog - and have it categorized appropriately. I'm not sure if the rss plugin will allow feeds of particular categories or not - would be nice.

    Were you looking for something different?